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In order to processes your work as fast as possible and with no errors, we must ask you to include the information listed below on all Purchase Orders sent to Precious Metals at the time of delivery of all parts.


a.              Company Name, Address, Phone and Fax Number

b.              Typed Purchase Order – Handwritten PO’s are not acceptable

c.              Typed or Printed name of Purchasing Agent

d.              Typed or Printed name of Quality Agent along with signature or stamp

e.              Delivery Dates: Date of delivery does not count as a processing day.

Single Process (Alodine, Anodize, Passivate and Penetrant): at a minimum 3 business days

Two Processes (Any combination of Single Process): at a minimum 5 business days

Three Processes or more (Including Primer): at a minimum 7 business days

Three Processes or more (Including Primer & Top Coat) at a minimum 10 business days

Note: Subject to change based on order quantity and/or prior approval. Customer due dates that exceed the minimum will be accepted. Customer due dates that are less than the minimum will be adjusted according to the above.

f.               Our terms: Net 30 days or COD

g.              PMP Quote Number, when applicable

h.              Part Number or Drawing number

i.                Actual Quantity Delivered

j.               Part Description

k.              Material Description

1.     Aluminum* – Condition, Temper, Thickness

2.     Stainless Steel* – Series of Stainless, Condition

l.                Tolerance with Print

m.             Clearly defined masking instructions. All masking instructions require a print.

n.              Multiple items on purchase order must have print for Identification or parts must be tagged

o.              Processes: Specification noting: type, class, revision and any specific supplementary requirements. If PSD’s are listed: Only list PSD’s that Apply to your job, not every PSD listed for the specification requested.

p.              The specification on the purchase document is cancelled or superseded: You must provide documentation from the respective prime on how we are to proceed

q.              Use of the words “process to the latest specification revision number/letter” or “Per print, sketch or drawing” is prohibited.

r.               List all processing on Purchase Order. Do not reference print or sketch only. VF Codes are not permitted as a substitute.

s.               Corporate End-User’s Name, Division, Aircraft or Program (if applicable)

t.               Precious Metals will only accept a liability cost equal to or less than 2X the processing costs.

u.              If order is to be shipped via UPS, FedEx or equivalents please provide account number. All shipping charges will be applied to receiver and not the shipper, i.e. Precious Metals

v.              International Traffic in Arms Regulations. Precious Metals will assume that all work received from you falls under ITAR restrictions, unless otherwise noted on Purchase Order.


Precious Metals requires all of this information.


Purchase orders will be subject to review and approval by Precious Metals Quality Control Department before any items can be officially received. If this information is omitted from your purchase order it will delay the processing of your job(s).


Attached, please find a company information form. Please fill it out, have it signed and fax it back to Precious Metals. Any delay in faxing the form back to us could delay the processing of your job(s).


In advance we would like to thank you for your cooperation. Any questions please feel free to call.